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Exeter, UK

About the Role

Founding Director Call Out

PiE’s Directors shall be responsible for the day-to-day operations of a member-led network based in Exeter and Devon at large.  This is a 24 months term. Voluntary engagement at the start. A provision of remuneration to be discussed and included in funding applications.

Being a Director includes:

  • establishing PiE CIC with governing documents

  • finding and applying for funding;

  • recruiting and retaining PiE members,

  • planning and delivering PiE’s programme and shaping the long-term direction of the network;

  • representing PiE and brokering partnerships;

  • and more!

We’re looking for people who want the best for PiE and are able to give their time to ensure it - approx 15 hours per month.

The rewards are numerous, including:

  • co-working desk space at MakeTank (24h access);

  • real input into the sector including realising PiE's programme;

  • the opportunity to shape PiE’s future direction and focus;

  • meaningful and friendly support from other Directors;

  • the opportunity to learn and develop skills in areas such as fundraising, creative producership, marketing, arts sector advocacy and partnership working;

  • a quick and direct route into the heart of what is happening in arts and culture in the area.

What will PiE’s Directors do?

PiE’s Directors will be responsible for the day-to-day running of PiE including:

●  Sourcing and applying for funding and securing other support for PiE

●  Recruiting and retaining PiE members

●  Planning and delivering a programme of events and opportunities for PiE members (and the public). See PiE Offer at-a-glance document.  
●  Representing PiE at relevant external meetings and events  
●  Marketing of PiE’s programme and member-initiated activity
●  Planning the long-term strategy and direction of PiE, in conversation with members
●  Looking after PiE’s website and infrastructure
●  Fostering and nurturing partnerships in Exeter and beyond  
●  Ongoing critical evaluation of PiE’s activities against PiE’s stated aims
●  Be responsible for PiE’s finances
In addition, PiE’s Directors:
●  Have the flexibility to keep an eye on and respond to regular contact from other Directors, with a quick response occasionally necessary  
●  Want the best for PiE and give their time to ensure that
●  Attend as many of PiE’s events as they comfortably can

How do they do all this?

PiE’s work shall be carried out via a series of Working Groups, made up of Directors and any members who wish to be involved. Directors will steer Working Groups, members will be encouraged to join groups to shape PiE in line with their needs, and any member can join any number of Working Groups, request to be on selection panels, attend business meetings, see PiE’s accounts and contribute to the programme and newsletter. The Working Groups shall meet monthly to plan and deliver PiE activity, then report back to the other Directors and wider membership at the monthly business meetings.
What’s the time commitment?

PiE’s Directors shall have different skills, availability and approaches, so this is to some extent determined by the way you prefer to work. We are understanding of everyone's individual circumstances and realise that people's ability to commit to this role may change in line with their circumstances. However, it should be noted that the time commitment is, on average 15 hours per month and this would involve:

  • Active engagement in (a willingness to act as a group lead or deputy lead) one or more of PiE’s Working Groups, through attending meetings, responding to emails & taking an active role in delivering on tasks.

  • Attendance at PiE’s monthly business meetings once a month, with Chairing duties at every 8th meeting.

  • Regular contact via Slack with occasional SMS, phone call, or other agreed platform.

  • Attendance at PiE’s programmed activity and member-organised events (self-determined, according to availability).

  • This is an active role that requires individuals to be committed to doing their best to contribute in meaningful ways, to regularly put their hands up to volunteer to deliver on different tasks & to be reliable in getting stuff done.

What skills are required?

PiE Directors shall have the following skills and attributes:

  • A keen interest in, and awareness of performance-based (interdisciplinary, contemporary, traditional, etc), participation-based, or socially engaged practices on a local & national level.

  • The desire to be hands-on, playing an active role in maintaining PiE & moving it forwards.

  • Dedication to the growth and development of the arts and culture in Exeter and Devon at large.

  • An active interest in, and the time available for, self-initiated learning and personal development.

  • A desire to work collaboratively.

  • Listening skills - the ability to amplify others voices and to step back & listen to others.

What will I get from being a PiE Director?

PiE’s Directors will be, first and foremost, PiE members.  This means that they enjoy all the same opportunities and privileges that membership will offer (free or heavily subsidised attendance at all PiE activity, the opportunity to apply for PiE’s paid opportunities, access to PiE’s resources).  Additional benefits, such as membership fees waiver programme and/or remuneration are to be discussed and voted on by founding directors.

As Director you’ll also have the opportunity to gain experience and transferable skills in the following areas:

Creative planning

You will actively contribute to the long-term planning and creative development of PiE network and programme; developing skills in event planning and delivery, organisational strategy and building resilience.

Arts administration

You will play an active role in ensuring the smooth running of the organisation. You will learn how to successfully coordinate a range of activities, manage budgets for projects and balance communications with stakeholders to ensure effective project delivery. You will help shape procedures and processes crucial to the running of a sustainable arts organisation.

Partnership management

PiE will work on building a wide network of partners, including NPOs, University, Colleges, Exeter City Council, Devon Council, Community Organisations, Social Services enterprises, Theatre Bristol, & other networks.  You will help build and maintain these relationships, whilst developing new ones through research and outreach. You will expand your knowledge of and connection with other artist-led organisations, planning & delivering exciting activity.

Development and fundraising

At present, PiE’s is in a formation stage. We will be applying for Arts Council England, running a crowdfunder, cultivating partner support and collecting membership fees. You will expand your knowledge of trusts and foundations, and how to write impactful applications to them. You will also develop ideas for and deliver income-generating activities.

Marketing and communications

Marketing and communications will be crucial to building awareness of PiE and attracting new members and support. You will take part in ensuring that all events and artistic activities are communicated across the appropriate channels to reach and engage a diverse audience. You will also be a champion for our artistic community & PiE’s activities on social media, via our newsletter and through your networks.

Team work & responsibility

You will learn the importance of working as a team. Working in collaboration with the other Directors, the wider membership and our partners, you will gain responsibility and take ownership of PiE’s place in the broader cultural community. In your role, you will learn how to think strategically, problem solve and support others to achieve common goals. 

How to apply

Please send the following to, with the subject ‘Director expression of interest’.

●  A short email statement, video or voice message, stating that you would like to be a PiE director, and detailing the ways you would like to actively contribute to PiE, including: which Working Group(s) you would most like to be involved with; and what excites you about the role (max 300 words / 2 minutes if video)

●  Fill out the PiE Skills Audit to the best of your ability. Please note that even if your strength might lie in one or two areas of skills (i.e. Marketing but not Human Resources or Governance), your interest might be in developing more aspects of your professional career by being a PiE Director, and we will chat about that in the interview.                   
●  A CV (up to 2 pages)

NB: If you would like to nominate someone else, and would like us to contact them, please send us through their full name, and whether or not you’d like to be mentioned when we approach them.
We seek applications from people of all backgrounds and experiences, and are actively encouraging applications from Black and Global Majority and/or disabled applicants.
If you would like to use video for your expression of interest, please upload your video to a sharing site such as Vimeo or Youtube, or on your own website. If it is password protected, please send the password. Please don’t send the actual video file.
If there is anything we can do to make this role more accessible and meet specific needs, please let us know. And if you would like to have an informal chat about the role with one of our current steering group members before applying, please contact us at

How will the Directors be selected?

PiE will Zoom chat (or meet in person if social distancing is eased further) to everyone who sends in an expression of interest, and talk through the role and get a sense of how we might be able to work together, and whether being a PiE director is right for you at the moment.


●  The deadline for expressions of interest is July 1st, 2021 midnight, and we’ll be aiming to talk to you within 1 week of receiving your email.

●  Start date  - immediately and/or upon discussion

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the role, about sending your expression of interest or about PiE, please contact

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