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  • What is PiE?
    PiE is a member-led organisation in the South West committed to cultivating creativity and fostering connection across the arts scene.
  • How can I get involved?
    You can join PiE as a member, to be connected with creatives and arts workers in the South West. As we grow, we plan to provide ways to communicate, collaborate and create with one another and improve our arts community. We’ll be launching a programme of events for PiE members to hone their crafts and develop new skills. Come along to meet new faces and learn more about the creative industries. If you think you might like to join our board of directors, please get in contact with us to find out more!
  • Who's invited?
    Everyone! The arts are a broad and diverse industry, and we want to reflect that in our community. If you’re interested in the arts sector, whether you’ve lived in the South West for one day or ten years, we’d love to welcome you to PiE.
  • Does it cost to join PiE?
    The network membership fee will be determined by the members in order to cover costs, however we will always aim to keep PiE accessible. We will always keep an option to pay membership forward, or oppourtunities to exchange volunteering. Please do get in contact if cost is holding you back from joining PiE!
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